Steve Byars – My Personal Story From Client to Advisor

I have been asked often how, and why, I leaped from head of Government Relations at the University of Kentucky to being a financial advisor at Moneywatch Advisors. People tend to think, understandably, of that move as quite a career change, and it is, until you understand how my wife, Lisa, and I have been inextricably linked with Moneywatch for 25 years.

To start, Bob Bova took Lisa and me on as clients in 1992 despite only having $10,000 to invest. He saw in us not profit, but a need for advice matched with his desire to help. Now, 25 years later, Lisa and I have the financial security that allows me to pursue a new adventure, a new challenge and a long-time passion.

Moneywatch essentially acted as the Byars family’s Chief Financial Officer. They developed a plan to meet our goals, counseled us how best to save and how much, and how to save on taxes while we did. Although my degree is in Economics and I have always had a keen interest in investing, Lisa and I were busy professionals consumed with careers and family with no extra time to devote to our finances. So, the Moneywatch team managed our savings and invested them so they grew – and the earnings compounded over the years.

Along the way they have helped us with major decisions like purchasing our home and smaller decisions like purchasing or leasing our cars. When our two kids were born, they helped us devise a new budget when Lisa didn’t work outside the home. And they developed a plan for their college educations too.

Above all, they have always been keenly attuned to the overall well-being of the entire family. When, four years ago, I started thinking, “What’s next for me professionally?” they helped me think through options. To my delight, this process eventually led to my personal revelation that I wanted to help people achieve the same kind of financial success that Moneywatch helped us achieve. So, during 2015 I completed the coursework required to become a Certified Financial Planner and, in 2016, I took and passed the CFP exam.

Today, I am pleased to say that it is even more rewarding than I thought it would be to go home at night knowing we have helped someone that day.


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